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Get Ahead Of The Herd!

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

New launches are often depicted like the picture above, a race for the finish line.

What you need is a bit of knowledge, skillful maneuvers, power up and of course blessings.

Today, land is scarce in our tiny island Singapore with the threat of inflation looming in economies all around the World. This festers into a huge itch for assets to protect us from potential decrease in spending power in the coming years. Like the calm before the storm we see the smart money moving silently.

As many of you might know I've recently embarked on my journey as a Real Estate Agent with Huttons-Navis. I'm determined to master another asset class and add them to my arsenal of investing. Stepping into this realm I can see why the rich love to invest in real estate, its scarce, malleable, individualistic, tangible and incredibly resilient. There is a reason why banks are willing to let their clients leverage highly on this asset class (key point), try telling your banker you'd like a loan for bitcoin.

Today I'd like to share a potential stacking opportunity with you guys I know you'll appreciate. Just like in Mario Kart this is akin to a boost at the starting line. Smash the O button to keep on reading!

A brand new launch in the heart of Singapore! A plot of land that has just been freshly awarded to the developers UOL, UIC & Kheng Leong. How fresh is this? Well, the name of the new launch has not even been revealed, in other words stinkin fresh ah, can you smell the grass being cut? As of now we name it the spectacular Ang Mo Kio One Residences. Nice.

Lets touch on the location, as you can guess its located in a snug land parcel at Ang Mo Kio Avenue One.

As expected from such a neighbourhood, there aren't many remaining land spaces, as shown on the master plan.

Which means demand will be high as supply dwindles, basic econs.

I've done a quick check on the surrounding projects which are similar in status, 99 year tenure, 300 odd units:

  • Bishan Park Condo

  • Thomson Grand

  • The Gardens at Bishan

I'm happy to report that all shown a trend of price increase steadily over the span of their tenure.

A few pictures by the developer, however please do take note that nothing is confirmed at this early stage.

Did I mentioned that the developers had a pretty fierce bidding war over this plot of land? Hmm I wonder why.. lets leave that to your imagination yeah?

There are still many considerations to be made and I wish to share with you in person if you are free for coffee, If you are interested in this project or any of the many upcoming projects and want the BOOST in getting ahead of the herd in your decision making drop me a call/whatsapp at 8921 5582 and I'll make sure you get timely updates!

Stay safe fellow stackers. I'll see ya soon!

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