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Inflation is NOT transitory?

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

The powers that be in this World has lost control.

In general, we often try our best to strive to be morally upright. In our endeavor to do so, we assume others are the same. After all, we are all humans right? That often leads to disappointment, well, at least for me that is the case. In Singapore, I'm glad to say that we have one of the best governments on planet Earth. If you disagree, please do consider this question, which other world leader would you choose? I digress, ultimately we are but a small nation and the external events that occur thousands of miles away do affect us and there are wolves out there. So as the picture above depicts, retain your purity like a sheep and do not get defiled by the filth of the World. But put on a cloak of a wolf for if not you will be eaten, and in this world it means gaining knowledge to know the motives of the rich and powerful.

The Federal Reserve has always taken the stance that inflation is transitory and that we will revert back to the comfy number of 2%. The US consumer price index (CPI) which is a measurement of inflation came in yesterday 10 November 2021 at a 31 year high of 6.2%.

You might be thinking, ok, so what if the United States have high inflation? I don't live there, it shouldn't be a concern.

Well that is where you'll be wrong. The US dollar is the world reserve currency for a reason. Any changes to it will send waves reverbing down to the rest of the world. That includes...


The price for you to maintain your standard of living will certainly increase. Might I add, this increase will be ever more dramatic then anything we've seen in the past. What we are seeing occur right now could be the catalyst for the destruction of fiat currency as we know it. The stampede has occurred, people are rushing to buy assets, real estate, stocks and cryptocurrency. You should too!

Don't just look on from the sidelines and say "Man people are crazy, HDB selling for above $1m, stock market all time high amidst lockdowns and people buying some digital coin crazily"

Ask yourself, why? Because the cash that you’ve traded your sweat, tears and blood is losing it's value. Please, I'm urging you, plan for yourself because no one else will.

Look to hard assets. Assets that generate income, assets that are scarce. Talk to someone who can advise you on how to hedge against inflation, above 5% annually to be safe.

Stack soon,


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