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Starting a $10k crypto portfolio in a bear market

Its bear season in the US equities & Digital Assets Markets!

Being completely honest with you guys, I did not expect another bear market to come so soon following the previous flash crash in March 2020. But we are in extra ordinary times, coming out of a pandemic that occurs one every millennial, supply chain issues, digital assets receiving mass adoption and 40 year high inflation. You would think with all the technological strides that mankind has achieve we wouldn't be as affected as we were but nature always has her ways of surprising us.

But it's time to accept the facts that we could be in a bear or crab market for a long while before the bull revives. During these market conditions people are hurting and definitely lots of investors will get shaken out of the market during times as such. But there is always opportunity to be found for the patient.

As the saying goes "money is made during a bull market, but generational wealth is built during the bear market".

If you are as deeply entrenched in personal finance youtube and tiktok space as I am, you would see all your favourite influencers saying that we should not be buying the dip, the worst is yet to come!

They could well be correct. The situation looks bleak that much is certain. The FED would be forced to take more drastic actions now that inflation has came in higher than expected. The Ukraine war doesn't have an end in sight. Cryptocurrency titans are being felled one by one. I don't pretend to be an expert on the issues with a clear end in sight but I do like to be a contrarian when it comes to investing, when people are running for the door I do like to be putting my feet in. But this is backed by ensuring that I have holding power, because in the eventual long term and when the bull is revived most fundamentally strong assets will be higher than they are today.

So what prefaced the creation of this portfolio was an event where I had to liquidate almost all my cryptocurrency as such I had cash on hand to try this out. Also its a great way to hold myself accountable and to test my investing thesis. It's not easy putting myself out there and once I do I could look to be a complete fool, especially in a bear market. As they say, everyone is a genius in the bull market.

So the ideology for this portfolio is to be building up a decent position for the next bull run. As we are in a risk-off environment, we'll be playing it very safe. Initially the main bulk of the capital will be going towards Bitcoin & Ethereum. We'll be looking into potential alt coins when a bottom is in sight for Bitcoin.

There are some rules/objective/expectations for this portfolio:

  • We'll not be using margin

  • We'll not be using options or derivatives

  • Purely a long side only portfolio

  • Goal of increasing the portfolio in relation to Bitcoin and not Fiat

  • Buying at support and selling into strength to increase value with risk to reward analysis in place

  • Not financial advice, ultimately this should be for you to reference to make your own decisions and not copy

  • For the long run and not short term profits - timeline until 2025

As of today the portfolio has deployed about 55% of it's cash, here are the details on the assets acquisitions thus far:

  1. 0.50389 Ethereum at $2,040 - $1,030 deployed

  2. 0.05567 Bitcoin at $35,853 - $2,000 deployed

  3. 0.08246 Bitcoin at $30,550 - $2,519 deployed

Portfolio valued in BTC today: 0.3267 btc

If you like to keep up-to-date with the progress or purchases in the portfolio give me a follow on my socials Instagram and Tiktok.

Keep Stackin,


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